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Fixed Price IT Support Services in MD, VA, DC, NY, and PA

All of Shipshape IT’s contracts are bid and managed on a fixed-price basis. From one-time projects to recurring monthly agreements, our services structure, pre-sales engineering and pricing model ensure clarity on both scope and cost.

When a prospective client contacts Shipshape for a recurrent support agreement, our senior engineers are engaged at all levels of scope development and documentation. This detail evolves into defined deliverables clearly outlined within our contracts, implementation plans and acceptance terms. There is no ambiguity. We’ve been in this business long enough to know that beyond competence, the most critical factor for success is clarity. However, our traditional competitors that bill hourly and furnish estimates actually have an economic disincentive to eliminate ambiguity. A refreshing alternative, our fixed-price model aligns our goals with those of our clients – leading to a successful and clearly defined conclusion.

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As part of Shipshape IT’s Comprehensive IT Support, clients are charged the same recurrent fee - regardless whether a server(s) is in our clients’ offices, or if that system has been migrated into virtualized systems within our data center. Thus, as equipment becomes obsolete, clients often choose to migrate to our data center instead of purchasing new hardware.

The cost efficiencies associated with housing clients' servers within our virtualized infrastructure are compelling for both parties. But most important, clients spend less on hardware and nothing at all when migrating to the Cloud. These same benefits exist when clients need to accommodate new staff or offices. Accordingly, many adopt this virtual-cloud model and avoid hardware expenses from the start.

The lack of fees associated with Cloud migration is just one more way that we align our goals with those of our clients.

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Shiphape IT’s redundant data centers house a combination of data/system image replication software, virtualization platforms and proprietary software to integrate these tools. This integrated solution enables all Comprehensive IT Support, Redundant Data Backup or Mail Security and Continuity customers to obtain immediate backup contingencies that can be updated daily. While current backup data is essential, it’s of little use if it cannot be made quickly available after any system or service failure. Our typical data restoration and redeployment time frames range from “real-time” to twenty-four hours, dependent on the service and each client’s budget, needs and pre-existing hardware and software. Our standard engagement process is to investigate your infrastructure, learn your business needs and develop technology goals and objectives unique to your company. Only then do we formulate recommendations, working to balance needs and budget.

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Shipshape IT understands that consistent service quality and response time are essential to retaining satisfied clients. We commit to a 15-minute response to any prospective or recurrent services client . Current clients can submit a help desk request through their Shipshape IT portal or help desk email address, and our engineering team will avail themselves within 15 minutes, if not immediately.

Because we maintain internal monitoring for critical systems, we are often aware of issues before our clients. In such a situation, we follow a pre-determined protocol for contact. Regardless of who initiates contact, we provide frequent updates and follow previously developed plans and protocols for next steps. Further, we develop contingencies and escalation policies in the event a primary contact is unavailable and/or we need to arrange for physical access to an office. Accordingly, the real value is the combination of having both rapid-response and a mutually agreed process for managing a proper resolution.

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Many IT support companies require term-contracts and/or large up-front fees as a way to guarantee near-term profitability on new clients. This is often achieved by mandating that substantial portions of a client’s infrastructure be immediately migrated to their Cloud, or perhaps by requiring a large hardware purchase often accompanied by a multi-year contract to provide virtual desktops and servers.

Shipshape IT takes a much more balanced approach. We believe that there should be a compelling business reason to migrate to the Cloud before a client does so. Our recurring Comprehensive IT Support fee remains the same regardless of the proportion of, or frequency with which clients' desktops and servers are migrated to our Cloud Computing solutions.  This enables clients to move to the Cloud at a time and pace that is consistent with their needs.   Lessening our clients' risk further, we don’t require any substantive up-front fees and can often leverage our clients' pre-existing infrastructure.

Put simply, we believe that IT support firms that mandate full migrations to the Cloud, or refuse to leverage the Cloud in any manner; do so for their own interests—not those of their clients. But at Shipshape IT, we align our interests with those of our clients. Clients always have the option to leave us in the unlikely event service is not meeting expectations.  Instead, most Comprehensive IT Support clients exercise their option to migrate some or all of their desktops and servers to our Cloud - at no additional fee.  We are confident this low-risk approach leads to long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

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