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Our Infrastructure

Shipshape IT’s philosophy, people and processes are underpinned by a state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting company and client operations. We maintain A state-of-the-art data center in Northern Virginia and redundant facilities in Northeastern Pennsylvania to help comprise Shipshape IT’s superior service.

Our clients’ data are consistently replicated across both facilities, providing unsurpassed protection for their informational assets and investments. Both of these data centers have redundant gigabit connectivity and redundant and fail-over power. These facilities are climate controlled and physically secured with a bio-metric, access card and input code all concurrently required for entrance. Put simply, our facilities—and our clients’ data—are secure.

Key features of our technical infrastructure include:

  • Systems powered by Dell Poweredge 24 Core Processor Systems.
  • Storage platform with the capacity for dozens of terabytes of data—and ability to scale up to 768 terabytes.
  • Unique, web-based documentation portal that can be accessed, maintained and modified by our clients as well as our staff.
  • Systems and application monitoring solution that enables desktop, server and network devices to be tracked without intrusion.
  • Redundant Data Backup solutions for system images and remote data storage.
  • Virtualization capacity, which enables Shipshape to run primary and back-up systems simultaneously.
  • Fully redundant email fail-over solution – Mail Security and Continuity.

Our Methods

When it comes to IT services, technical expertise is not enough.  The right people and processes are also essential.  And at Shipshape IT, we combine people, processes and technology in a transformational way.

Our methods connect to form a strong framework for keeping your organization’s IT operations running smoothly—so you can concentrate on running your business.  We prevent and solve problems; collect, maintain and disseminate data; and record and document progress.  This holistic approach is obvious from the start.  We begin each new client relationship by first asking clients the right questions, then listening to their answers until we’ve properly defined their needs and goals. Only then do we formulate, implement and manage effective IT policies, response protocols and strategic guidance that conforms to the needs and budget of each unique client.  From there, our goal is continuous improvement.  After all, our interests and those of our clients are aligned—by design.  The result is superior service.

Of course, all of our methods are supported by sophisticated technologies and tools.  For example, our customized knowledge management system tracks all client issues and their resolutions and provides essential Real Time Documentation, recording their service and purchase history, procedures, policies, system components and other relevant data.