Why Shipshape IT

Fixed Priced IT Consultants Serving MD, DC, VA, PA, and NY

Why Managers Choose Us

Business and Technology Managers benefit from clear and tangible differences when they select Shipshape IT.  Our unique combination of cost benefits and service enhancements simplify decisions and substantially reduce risk.    Learn more

Why We're Here

Shipshape IT is here to make a difference — in your organization and the IT industry at large. And this difference stems from our founding premise.    Learn more

Our People

Successful IT companies begin with the right people, supported by a strong management team and the right business model. All of these elements are required to attract and retain the best staff for the simple reason that good people need to grow.    Learn more

Founders' Message

Shipshape IT was founded on the premise that an IT services company can and should — by design — align its interests with those of its clients.    Learn more

Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

Shipshape IT foresees the tide’s inevitable ebbs and flows and stands poised to help your organization weather them — through a strong structural foundation and secured assets.    Learn more

Our Infrastructure and Methods

Shipshape IT’s philosophy, people and processes are underpinned by a state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting company and client operations.  And at Shipshape, we combine people, processes and technology in a transformational way. Learn more