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Data Backup Services in MD, VA, DC, NY, and PA

Shipshape IT offers unlimited data backup to multiple off site locations, as well as locally. This service is multiplatform, backing up Windows, Macs, and Linux machines seamlessly across locations. What’s more, there are no data storage limits. This service protects an organization’s IT assets, including servers, workstations and laptops—basically any machine with an Internet connection for our clients in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and New York.

Because each client’s needs are unique, this service is completely customizable. But by default, we keep daily data for two weeks, weekly data for three months, and monthly data for the duration of a client’s contract. We can even back up hourly, depending on a client’s needs. We also retain data deleted locally unless otherwise requested. This approach safeguards against undiscovered file damage that can occur from corruption or viruses. These default retention policies are easily modified in the event our clients' preference and regulatory or risk management policy necessitates doing so.

Redundant Data Backup requires sufficient Internet connection to accommodate the desired backup. It’s web-based and supports multiple users and security levels within an organization. This service—and the peace of mind that comes with it—is provided to all Comprehensive IT Support - Critical MaaSSM clients. It’s also available as a stand alone service.

Shipshape IT Redundant Data Backup Diagram

Shipshape IT Redundant Data Backup Diagram

  • All data is encrypted and compressed at the source before being transmitted to multiple locations.
  • Backup sessions to each site are separate processes. Potential errors or corruption at one site will not replicate to another site or backup set.