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Mail Security Continuity Services in MD, VA, DC, NY, and PA

Today, email is likely the most critical IT tool used by your organization, regardless of size or industry. As a result, it poses a significant security risk. To mitigate this risk, Shipshape IT delivers and integrates a highly versatile Mail Security and Continuity Service for our clients in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. Pennsylvania, and New York. There is no hardware to buy, mail server to change or term contract to sign. Shipshape IT's Mail Security and Continuity provides a single integrated solution for all administrative, operational and technical elements of mail management.

First, it enables immediate redundancy in the event of your current mail server's failure.  Second, Shipshape IT filters spam, viruses and other undesirable content for clients through a secure, web-based system that provides easy-to-manage administrative tools and quarantine reports. In addition, our web-based portal offers email continuity in the event your primary system is interrupted, enabling you to keep business running as usual while the problem is resolved. This service—and the peace of mind that comes with it—is provided to all Comprehensive IT Support - Critical MaaSSM clients. It’s also available as a stand alone service.

Shipshape IT Mail Security Diagram

Email continuity redundancy SAAS managed Anti-SPAM SPAM Software, secondary DNS, mail-bagging.
1 Outside email is sent. 2 Message is routed to Shipshape IT security servers for analysis. 3 Shipshape IT analyzes the message in order to remove spam, viruses, harmful embedded links or other malware. 4 The message is processed according to client defined policies (black lists, white lists, content and attachement filtering). 5 The message is forwarded to the client email system, or is discarded or quarantined as appropriate. All processes are logged.

Shipshape IT Mail Continuity Diagram

Email continuity redundancy SAAS managed Anti-SPAM SPAM Software, secondary DNS & mail-bagging
1 Shipshape IT detects that the client's email system is off line or unavailable. 2 Shipshape IT alerts the client and activates the email continuity system. Inbound messages are processed and held at Shipshape IT. 3 End-users can access the Shipshape IT web portal to send and receive email messages until the client email system is restored. 4 After the client email system is restored, messages processed via the web portal are intelligently synchronized back to the client's systems and normal mail flow resumes.