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Shipshape IT believes the Cloud is a tool that should be used selectively and leveraged to the degree it provides clear and demonstrable value to clients. While this may sound obvious, all too often, our competitors insist that all parties’ interests are best served by Cloud Computing—that is, migrating an entire business’s servers and desktops to virtual servers and managing them from a vendor’s data center.

While elements of such ”full-virtualization” do in-fact hold benefit for clients, we have found it often serves the service provider’s interests to retain the client even more. Accordingly, we often recommend alternative approaches that achieve the similar or the same results. These contingencies do not require up-front expense or long-term contracts—all the while providing clients with greater flexibility and value. Further, Shipshape IT’s approach enables options for better and more affordable Cloud migration strategies, when and if they become more appropriate.

Application-Specific Cloud Solutions enable migrating one or more applications, such as email or ecommerce, to the Cloud:

Company-Wide Cloud Solutions enable a wide range of systems and applications to benefit from the Cloud. Examples include, greater systems availability, fixed expense and better disaster recovery contingencies. While these services may include virtualizing some or all desktops and servers, the driving force behind Shipshape IT advocating any degree of Cloud migration, remains establishing a cost-benefit or other tangible value for our clients.

For example, consider a client who has ten recently deployed PCs and the remaining 20 are twenty month-old servers and desktops that are functioning properly. Due to the capital invested and the near-term supportability of the systems, Shipshape IT would generally recommend maintaining these systems in the client’s offices. To ensure proper redundancy and system availability is in place, we would simply leverage our Redundant Data Backup and Mail Security and Continuity included in Comprehensive IT Support - Critical MaaS. These services would enable all information and data to be stored in our data centers and, thus, in the event of a system or data loss, leveraged and redeployed via Shipshape IT’s virtual systems. In other words, this client would achieve the benefits of full virtualization without the near-term expense and other resources associated with full system-wide migration to the cloud.

Shipshape IT maintains state of the art facilities within data centers in Northern Virginia and Northeastern, Pennsylvania. Our most common client service areas include Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and New York. In general terms, systems at each of these locations leverage highly adaptable virtualization platforms, monitoring and management applications and data replication solutions. Together, these integrated tools, systems and processes provide Shipshape IT clients with scalable disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Systems deemed critical are regularly backed up over the Internet via Redundant Data Backup; allowing appropriate client personnel to retrieve information via Shipshape IT’s portal when necessary. Further, a “user-administratable” web interface is available enabling a properly authorized client to restore data from any PC, Mac, Linux client or server, onto the same or different platform. If preferred, clients have the option of using Shipshape IT staff to replicate the entire system and deploy it as a virtual system, accessible over the web.

In summary, the flexibility to replicate and deliver data from systems in your office or our fully virtualized Cloud allows you to immediately benefit from the safety and redundancy of our Cloud offering—regardless whether and to what degree you migrate individual systems. Accordingly, you can still leverage capital investments in PCs and servers and complete any term commitments for product leases or hosting and management agreements. Then, as hardware becomes obsolete, leases expire or other vendors disappoint, a compelling argument to migrate to the Shipshape IT Cloud may emerge.