Real Time Documentation

Shipshape IT’s formal, comprehensive process for on-boarding and infrastructure documentation is centered around a comprehensive tool set for organizing technology infrastructure; but also the business administration and logistics management of the operations layer that overlays the technology.

These mature processes and solutions are all managed through a web-based documentation and the executive dashboard tool which we call Portal. This web based application enables us to provide all clients password protected access for a real-time, birds-eye view of the entire on-boarding process, system resources, policies and procedures. This web based tool manages 19 different data elements related to tech-ops, logistics/administration, & physical infrastructure (routers, switches, servers, printers etc).

As each of these 19 different elements, are all researched and documented/completed, the dashboard – which we call the Work Product Manifest (WPM) documents the degree of completion for each element. The user can click on the completion bar to view status of the dozens of sub-task under each macro-header.

There is a section in Portal and the WPM for tracking and managing third party vendors, procurement history, users and computers, data retention policy, new employee on-boarding process, former employee termination checklist, operations’ critical dates (ISP contract renewal, DNS/Domain/Web address renewal) – all tracked with a date, time & planned action and formal notifications to our team as these required dates and actions come due). The tool also provides an available revision history that ensures each change is memorialized with a user, date and time stamp; as well as maintaining history of changes that can be reviewed and reverted back to, if and when appropriate.